How to Invest

How to make your investment

Investing in URBT is quite easy.

You are just minutes away from becoming a part owner of Urban Television Network Corp - URBT

Number 1
Prepare Your Documents

Prepare you documents. You will need

1) Your Drivers License or Passport

2) Your Social Security Number

3) You will need a valid mailing address

number 2
Begin Your Purchase

1) To begin your purchase you will need to decide how shares you want to buy.

2) There may be a minimum amount of shares you will be to purchase. The system will not let you proceed if you are purchasing below the minimum amount.

3) You are going to add those shares to your cart and continue with your purchase.

You will need to create an account

You need to create an account.

1) Please use your legal name and current address

B) Keep in mind that you are creating a financial document and you want to have accurate information.

C) After your account is created you be able to continue with your purchase

Subscription Agreement Part 1

You will need to complete your Subscription Agreement.

1) This is a very important.

2) Add your social security number to the subscription agreement.

3) Add your Drivers license number to the subscription agreement.

4) Upload your drivers license to the subscription agreement.

5) Sign your subscription agreement.

Subscription Agreement Part 2

After you sign your subscription agreement on our secure server,

1) A completed copy of your subscription agreement will be emailed to your email.

2) Your stock certificate will be processed and mailed to you in approximately 45 days.

Welcome as a part owner of URBT.

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